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Program Overview

The Teacher Preparation Program at Michigan State University prepares elementary, secondary and special education teachers ready to tackle the challenges of today’s schools and classrooms.

Preparing leaders

MSU is recognized as the nation’s top-ranked program among all United States colleges and universities. This reflects our reputation for developing excellent teaching practices over the course of an innovative, five-year program providing plenty of real-world experience. Superintendents, principals and educators, not only in Michigan but around the globe, know that the MSU College of Education produces teachers who are leaders.

One program, many options

Students can choose to pursue certification in elementary, special or secondary education. They can also specialize their teaching by participating in either the Global Educators Cohort Program or the Urban Educators Cohort Program. All Spartan teachers gain deep knowledge of the content areas they will teach, take courses on the most effective teaching practices with a focus on equity and social justice, and experience a full-year, guided teaching internship in a school after completing the bachelor’s degree.

Elementary Education

In the elementary Teacher Preparation Program at MSU, students gain knowledge and skills to teach all subjects in prekindergarten through third grade (PK-3) or third grade through sixth grade (3-6) ) and in an additional endorsement area (TESOL, special education, or Birth-K).

Secondary Education

In the secondary Teacher Preparation Program at MSU, students become well prepared to teach their subject matter areas of interest in sixth through 12th grade (6-12) classrooms. To do this, the College of Education partners closely with other colleges at MSU that provide core courses for students’ majors. Students take their professional teaching courses within the College of Education, including the full-year internship.

Special Education

The special education Teacher Preparation Program at MSU prepares students to serve students with special needs. Graduates gain knowledge and skills to be successful in mainstream classrooms as well as more traditional “self-contained” special education classrooms. At MSU, students meet requirements for both elementary teaching certification and a K-12 endorsement in the special education area of learning disabilities.

Cohort Programs

The cohort programs give incoming freshmen the opportunity to experience specialized courses and activities together as a close-knit group for the first two years on campus and continue in the Teacher Preparation Program.

Global Educators Cohort Program

The Global Educators Cohort Program (GECP) gives future educators the tools to teach with international and multicultural perspectives, and to help all young people think of themselves as global citizens.

Urban Educators Cohort Program

The Urban Educators Cohort Program (UECP) gives future educators the tools to understand the history and effects of social, cultural and financial issues that play out in urban schools, and to effectively meet the needs of all learners in these environments.

Minor in Educational Studies

The Minor in Educational Studies helps students from other majors at Michigan State University prepare for non-teaching careers that involve working with children and schools, such as law, policy, social work, psychology and more.

Post-Bachelor Options

Teaching is a career not only for first time professionals. The post-bachelor’s route to initial teacher certification is available for individuals who decide to pursue teaching after they have earned a bachelor’s degree.

Certification and Endorsements

The College of Education at Michigan State University offers programs for educators looking to add additional certifications and endorsements to their teaching portfolios.