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Required MAET Courses

The following 3 courses must be taken for the MAET degree to be conferred. CEP 807 must be taken during your final semester in the program.

Elective MAET Courses

Students use a combination of the following courses to personalize their MAET experience based on their interests and needs in order to complete their 30 credits.

Graduate Certificate in Educational Technology Courses

The Educational Technology GC is designed to assist current educators who work with students in a range of educational settings in becoming better teachers by utilizing new technologies to improve instructional practice in order to help their students become powerful digital-age thinkers, makers, and problem solvers. All GC courses count toward the MAET degree.

Graduate Certificate in Online Teaching & Learning Courses

The Online Teaching and Learning GC prepares educators to become thoughtful and skilled around issues of designing and instructing online and virtual education at a time when there is a pressing need for these skills in the educational marketplace. All GC courses count toward the MAET degree.

Graduate Certificate in K-12 Computer Science Education Courses

The K-12 Computer Science Education GC prepares K-12 educators to teach computational thinking and computer science ideas at the elementary and secondary level. All GC courses count toward the MAET degree.