Forms for Graduate Students

Vital Note to Graduate Students

As you will see from the directions below, you are responsible for initiating many of the forms required by the college and university. The University and College are moving toward web-based form completion and submission systems, but we are not there yet.

Wherever indicated, you will be responsible for downloading, filling out — by typing names and information in the appropriate text boxes, and circulating many forms for signatures. Handwritten forms are not allowed. To the extent possible, secure faculty signatures electronically/digitally and ask the faculty to forward the document to the next level signer or your program secretary. Signatures that are handwritten, per university policy, must be in blue ink only. In conjunction with your advisor, you need to make certain that the information is complete and accurate.

The forms will require you to identify yourself in several ways: your name, your PID, your program name, and your program code. It is essential that you provide this information accurately. If you have any question about the name of your program, or your active program code, go to your STUINFO page and select “Major(s) by Term.”  You will see your current program name and code. Do not bother your program staff with this question; it is your responsibility to know this information. If you thought that you were in a different program than what you see in STUINFO, you should immediately contact your program secretary to straighten this out.

For advanced (Ph.D. and Ed.D.) graduate students, you and your advisor need to make certain that your Guidance and Dissertation Committees include at least four faculty members who are eligible to serve, per University policy (, before entering names into the text boxes and routing the document for signatures or entering them into electronic systems. Submitting forms with ineligible committee members will significantly delay the processing of your paperwork, and in the most extreme cases, can hold up graduation.

Before routing your form for signature, you should also do everything to ensure that the form consists of a single page, with all relevant information included; you may reduce font size if necessary and use page reduction features, but leave the form in the same structure as you find it on this website.

The following forms have been placed in sequential order — by program level — and reflect a typical student’s progress through the degree program. Not all forms are required.

Document Signing Instruction and Guide

When a form requires a Department Chair and/or Associate Dean’s Signature (or a designee), please route the form first to your program secretary, who will secure the remaining signatures and submit the form on your behalf. Forms should not be sent directly a Department Chair or the Associate Dean. If you need assistance digitally/electronically signing either a Word or PDF documents, refer to the guide below.

 View the Word and PDF Document Signing Instructions

Forms for Master’s Students

Forms for Ph.D. Students

Forms for Ed.D. Students

Forms for Ed.S. Students

Forms for all Graduate Levels, Department Initiated

Forms for all Graduate Levels, Student Initiated