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Secondary Education Integrated Science Comprehensive Endorsement

Physical and Earth Science

Course NumberTitleCredits
CEM 141General Chemistry4
CEM 142General and Inorganic Chemistry3
CEM 161Chemistry Laboratory I1
CEM 143
CEM 251
CEM 252
CEM 255
Survey of Organic Chemistry OR
Organic Chemistry I and
Organic Chemistry II and
Organic Chemistry Lab
PHY 231Introductory Physics I3
PHY 232Introductory Physics II3
PHY 251Introductory Physics Laboratory1
PHY 252Introductory Physics Laboratory II1
GLG 201The Dynamic Earth4
GEO 203Introduction to Meteorology3
AST 207The Science of Astronomy3

Biological Science

BS 161Cell and Molecular Biology3
BS 171Cell and Molecular Biology Lab2
BS 162Organismal and Population Biology3
BS 172Organismal and Population Biology Lab2
PSL 250PSL 250 Introductory Physiology OR4
IBIO 355Ecology3
IBIO 355LEcology Laboratory1

Integrative Science

ISE 401Science Laboratories for Secondary Schools4
ISE 420Integrative Science Research3

TOTAL  50-55 credits

NOTE: Many courses have prerequisites. Check the
schedule of courses.

*The above set of courses is not a stand-alone teaching major or teaching minor. These courses must be completed in combination with an approved teaching major in Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Physics or Physical Science. In combination with these majors, the Integrated Science Endorsement may be substituted for a teaching minor. Also, a certified teacher or teacher candidate with an approved teaching major outside the sciences but with an approved science minor may earn an additional endorsement in Integrated Science. See an advisor in the College of Education, 134 Erickson Hall, for more information. Students must earn an overall GPA of 2.5 for the science courses listed above (including any approved course substitutions) as well as in the science teaching major or science teaching minor courses on which the endorsement is based and must pass the MTTC subject area test in Integrated Science – Secondary.

**PHY 183 and 184, 8 credits, with no additional Physics labs, can substitute for the 200 level physics and labs.

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