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Program Requirements

Requirements for the Master of Arts Degree in Teaching and Curriculum

The program is available only under Plan B (without thesis). 

Students must complete 30 credits distributed as follows:

I. Professional Development and Inquiry Core (9 credits)

One of the following courses:

a.  TE 807 Professional Development and Inquiry  (3 cr.)
b.  TE 808 Inquiry into Classroom Teaching and Learning  (3 cr.)

One of the following courses:

a.  TE 801*  Professional Roles and Teaching Practice I  (3 cr.)
b.  TE 818   Curriculum in its Social Context (3 cr.)

Students who have completed Teacher Education 801 in the college’s Internship Year Studies program may use it to fulfill this requirement

One of the following capstone courses:

a.  TE 870  Curriculum Design, Development, and Deliberation in Schools (3 cr.)
b.  TE 872  Teachers as Teacher Educators  (3 cr.)

II. Concentration (9 credits)

Complete 9 credits in course work selected from one of the following:

III. Electives (12 credits)

  • Three 3-credit Teacher Education courses at the 400-level or above.** Students who have completed TE 802 and TE 804 in the College’s Internship Year Studies program may use those courses to fulfill this requirement***
  • Three additional credits of electives as approved by the student’s academic advisor. (For more information about electives, please see Program Options: Concentrations, Specializations, Endorsements).

** Note: at least 16 of the 30 credits must be at the 800/900 level.

***TE 803, when taken during the TCIY Intern Year after 2005-2006 has not been allowed to meet MATC program requirements

IV. Synthesis Paper

synthesis paper acceptable in the student’s examining committee. This paper must be submitted near the end of the students’ program of study. The submission of an acceptable paper and professional portfolio satisfies the university requirement of final examination or evaluation.

V. Professional Portfolio (see NOTE, below)

professional portfolio developed by the student throughout the master’s program, beginning in TE 807 or TE 808. The portfolio is reviewed by two faculty members. A third reviewer is required if the first two reviewers do not reach consensus regarding the acceptability of the portfolio. The submission of an acceptable portfolio satisfies the university’s requirement of a final examination or evaluation.    

The portfolio and synthesis paper comprise the MA Comprehensive Examination equivalent for the MATC degree and is graded “Pass/No Pass.”

NOTE: Students completing the Graduate Specialization in Literacy Instruction do not complete the MATC Portfolio and Synthesis Paper, but meet exit performance for their program via a synthesis paper assignment in TE 873: Literacy Leadership.