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Digital Instruction Support Community (DISC)

Dr. Liz Owens Boltz, DISC Director
Dr. Stephanie Jennings, DISC Coordinator

Purple, all capital letters that read DISC, with a compact disc dotting the I. Underneath, text reads Digital Instruction Support Community.

Our Mission: 

The College of Education’s Digital Instruction Support Community (DISC) is committed to creating equitable, meaningful, engaging, and justice-oriented learning experiences. Its mission is to generate discipline-specific approaches to digital instruction, grounded in critical pedagogy and principles of mutual support among educators and students.

We resolutely pursue a fundamental objective: to provide the best instruction we can for all of our students—instruction that is inclusive, accessible, and caring. Nevertheless, we recognize that the unprecedented circumstances that we now face pose unprecedented challenges for our teaching. We believe, therefore, that this moment calls for a model of professional development that intentionally re-focuses on our pedagogical philosophies in light of the present contexts. DISC is concerned not only with offering up the how-tos of online teaching, but with the promotion of a generous, adaptive mindset towards emergency remote instruction. We follow a community-based process, in which our professional development foregrounds opportunities to learn from one another.

This website is a living document that will evolve and grow as the college moves forward. As such, it reflects College efforts to provide a variety of supports to meet the broad range of instructors’ needs.

Supports and Resources

Recommended First Step

The CED Online Course Review Prep and Checklist has been designed to support self-reflection as you transition your course online. You can make a copy of this document by going to File>Make a copy or you can download it by clicking File>Download>Select a format. Included in this document is a streamlined course mapping review template and additional support resources.

First Steps

Online Course Review Checklist

Course Mapping