Graduate Research Opportunities

Graduate students in the College of Education receive many forms of support in their efforts to conduct high-quality research, both as they pursue their own scholarly work and as graduate assistants to faculty-led research projects.

Graduate assistantships

Graduate assistantships provide opportunities for new and continuing students in the College of Education to assist faculty with research projects, play a role in teaching college courses or provide other services to the college or university.

Students interested in research assistantships should indicate their interest to faculty members whose work matches their interests and to graduate advisors or program coordinators that can suggest opportunities. There are often announcements on bulletin boards around campus. Resumes may also be sent directly to the directors of grant-funded research projects, with cover letters describing how the student’s interests, knowledge and experience fit within the scope of the project.

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Fellowships and Awards

Several competitive fellowships and awards in the College of Education have been designed specifically to support student research and dissertation work each year.
Questions? Contact the office of Associate Dean Michael Sedlak: (517) 432-1260.

View the full listing of graduate fellowships in the College of Education for more information.

Summer Research Fellowships

The college funds more than 20 doctoral students during the summer, providing $6,000 to support their research and scholarly development. Faculty mentors also receive an honorarium. Doctoral students are notified, via the Ph.D. listserv, of the application process and submission deadlines. Some of these awards can be renewed for a second year. Occurs in late fall.

Summer Research Development Fellowships

First-year doctoral students can apply for a $5,000 summer fellowship, which frees up the summer for students to develop or strengthen specific research skills and to acquire knowledge about specific methods not thoroughly developed in a regular course. Doctoral students are notified, via the Ph.D. listserv, of the application process and submission deadlines. The application process begins in late fall.

Research Practicum/Research Development Fellowship

This fellowship provides financial support for advanced doctoral students who have projected or incurred expenses relevant to data collection for their dissertation or research practicum. Fellowship amounts vary and are determined by need and competitive process within each department in the college. Submission of applications occurs in early spring.

Dissertation Completion Fellowships

The Graduate School and the college support more than 20 students each year, providing a $6,000 fellowship that allows them to devote considerable time to completing their dissertations. Applications are submitted in late fall.

Dykstra Family Research Endowment in Education

Recipients of the award shall be candidates for the doctoral degree in one of the College of Education Ph.D. programs conducting research on mild impairments. Preference will be given to applicants whose research facilitates greater understanding or awareness among K-12 educators of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder -Predominantly Inattentive Type. Candidates must submit a concept paper to include a budget and a dissemination plan to be reviewed by the selection committee. In addition, candidates may be required to participate in an interview process. The applicant may apply for a one or two-year award.

Walter F. and Mary Jane Johnson Dissertation Research Award

This award of at least $500 is given annually to doctoral students in Higher, Adult, and Lifelong Education who have prepared the strongest dissertation proposals, as determined by a panel of reviewers. The award is intended to encourage excellent research by doctoral students and to assist the completion of the proposed research and doctoral degree.