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Tasminda Dhaliwal

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Assistant Professor

Ph.D., University of Southern California

408 Erickson Hall

Tasminda (Tasmin) Dhaliwal is an assistant professor of education policy. Her research examines what happens after policymakers and education leaders adopt policies designed to promote equity for students of color and low-income students, including how policy implementation subverts or supports the initial equity-oriented goals of policies. Additionally, she examines the ways social and economic conditions shape educational experiences of marginalized students. She uses quantitative and qualitative methods to explore issues related to student homelessness and housing, school discipline, school choice and teacher effectiveness. Her research is informed by her time as a first and second grade teacher in Houston, Texas. Dhaliwal’s work has appeared in AERA Open, Peabody Journal of Education, Education Finance & Policy, Educational Researcher, The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, and the American Journal of Education.