Are You Spartan Loyal?

January 28, 2016


This year, the Michigan State University Alumni Association started making a significant change. Rather than limiting membership to graduates who join and pay dues, the university wants to reach more alumni and friends of the institution and make it easier to give back.

Now, everyone who receives a degree from MSU will be considered part of the Alumni Family and receive basic services from the association without fees. To receive enhanced services and recognition, we ask that you become Spartan Loyal. That means giving at least $100 over the course of one year—to any part of the university you choose. Of course, we in the College of Education hope you will consider supporting our students, faculty and programs. No matter the size, every annual gift adds up to help us make an extraordinary impact on education, health and well-being through teaching and research.

Where do I start?

Think about how you prefer to support MSU and make annual giving a new or continuing tradition in your life.

How do I give to the College of Education?

To discuss your interests and the college’s greatest needs, contact our Advancement team at (517) 432-1983, or donate online at You can also designate the College of Education on the phone or in response to a written appeal.

What can my donation make possible?

In the College of Education, annual gifts help fund scholarships for at least 100 students each year. Donations also go toward expenses such as study abroad, research and program needs that enhance the student experience. Annual gifts enable the college to provide financial support that can be the determining factor for students—many of them highly qualified, but lacking financial resources—as they decide whether to attend and stay at MSU.

When is this change effective?

Annual giving level recognition begins July 1, 2016, and is based on gifts given during fiscal year 2016 (July 1, 2015 – June 30, 2016). MSU stopped selling and renewing memberships in the Alumni Association as of May 1, 2015.

What about lifetime membership?

Current MSUAA Life Members will be permanently recognized as Spartan Loyal donors. New lifetime recognition begins at $50,000.


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