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New Students

Set Up Your MSU NetID (E-mail) Account:

  1. You will need your ID number (APID) and your PAN to do this. Shortly after you are accepted into the MAED program these numbers will be sent to you by the MSU Admissions Office in an “Enrollment Notification” e-mail. Your student ID number begins with the letter “A” followed by 8 digits. Your PAN is a 4-digit number.
  2. Follow the instructions on this page to activate a new account.
  3. Use your MSU e-mail address to access the online course web systems Desire2Learn. You will also use your e-mail address to access STUINFO, where you can see your course schedules and grades, view and pay bills, and track your financial aid. 

Course Load

New students may wish to take one course during their first semester in their concentration area. This would allow them to judge how much time online courses take and confirm that they made the right choice regarding the concentration area. Nevertheless, students may take two courses if they choose. It is necessary for MAED students to enroll in two courses to be eligible for financial aid.

If you are concerned about how many courses you should take, a helpful rule of thumb is to devote at least two hours per credit outside of class, in addition to the online contact hours for the course. This means a minimum of nine hours per week per three-credit course.

Enroll Early for the Next Semester:

  1. Select the course(s) you want to take from the Courses page of the MAED website. Check this page frequently for new course postings. ED 800 Concepts of Educational Inquiry is one of the two required courses for the MAED and usually is taken in the second or third semester of enrollment. However, students may take ED 800 during their first semester. ED 870 Capstone Seminar, the second MAED required course, should be taken as the last or second to the last course in the program. You may not take this course prior to 80% program completion. It is necessary to receive an override to enroll in these courses. To request an override, when enrollment opens up for the semester in which you would like to take these courses, send an e-mail including your PID and the semester in which you wish to enroll to onlineed@msu.edu. For future reference, please note that courses used to fulfill concentration areas are cited on the Concentrations page of the MAED web site. You can take them as they are offered.
  2. Enroll for courses via Schedule Builder at https://schedule.msu.edu/. For instructions on how to use Schedule Builder, visit http://schedule.msu.edu/instructions.asp. You can view Schedule Builder 24 hours a day.  However, the enrollment functionality is only available from 8am- 8pm EST on Monday through Friday and on weekends from 8am Saturday until 8pm on Sunday EST.
  3. Pay your tuition. The MSU Business Office will send a notice to your MSU e-mail address when your tuition invoice is available at STUINFO.

Access Your Class(es):

It is very important that you access your class(es) on the first day of class. Please know that you will not be able to access your class(es) prior to the first day of class. The run dates for each course are listed on the Courses page of the MAED website. Please do not wait for an e-mail from your course instructor. If you have any questions about a course or required materials for a course, be sure to contact the instructor.  On the Courses page, instructors’ names are hyperlinked to their faculty profiles, which have their contact information. Faculty contact information can also be found on both MSU’s People Search and the Faculty/Staff page of the MAED website. Books may be purchased through online booksellers, like Amazon.com.

It is your responsibility to “attend” class on the first day of class via Desire2Learn.  MSU no longer supports ANGEL.   Below are the steps to access your class(es):

  1. Find your class on Desire2Learn.
  2. Enter your MSUNetID (the portion of your e-mail address prior to the @ sign) and the password.

The Desire2Learn Getting Started, Help and Support, and FAQ page will help orient you to Desire2Learn. 

Note: Be sure to save all the work for your courses for later use in ED 870, the Capstone course for the program.

Contact Your Academic Advisor

Contact John Olle, the online MAED academic advisor, regarding course selection, fulfillment of degree requirements, and graduation. Be sure to check the FAQ page for a list of common questions and answers.