KIN 492 / 493 / 496 Internship in Kinesiology

Course Description

This KIN 492 / 493 / 496 Internship Course, or “KINternship,” is designed to be a culminating experience for students who will graduate with a Major in Kinesiology. Our hope for you during this internship is that you will gain a practical experience in the Kinesiology domain, acquire skills and knowledge that could help with a potential career, and apply knowledge that you have learned throughout your undergraduate degree in a practical setting.

To be eligible for the KINternship, students admitted to MSU prior to Fall ’23 must have earned at least 88-credits towards their degree and successfully complete the steps below by all specified deadlines.

For students admitted to MSU in Fall ’23 or after, the KINternship may be completed after achieving sophomore status and successfully completing KIN 190. Please contact your academic advisor for questions if you were admitted in FS23 or later.

KINternship Enrollment

Determining KIN 492 versus KIN 493

Taking KIN 492 versus KIN 493 is based on the specific job duties a student will complete at their internship site. 

  • KIN 493 is for internship sites that are heavily rooted in physiology. (KIN 411 is no longer offered, and therefore, no longer a pre-requisite for KIN 493).
  • KIN 496 is for students who are interested in pursuing a Masters Degree in Athletic Training. Prerequisite courses include KIN 127.
  • KIN 492 is for all other internship experiences.


Frequently Asked Questions