The Sports Injury Research Laboratory (SIRL) is a collaborative sports medicine research laboratory in the Department of Kinesiology on the campus of Michigan State University. The SIRL is co-directed by Dr. Chris Kuenze, Dr. Tracey Covassin, and Dr. Matthew Harkey with the assistance of graduate and undergraduate students.

The knee injury research group focuses on investigating the effect of knee joint injury on physical activity characteristics, neuromuscular function, and knee joint cartilage health among individuals with a history of knee injury. The aim of this research is to identify individuals at elevated risk for poor knee-related and health-related outcomes following knee injury utilizing innovative assessment techniques while facilitating a timely and safe return to physical activity. Please contact Dr. Chris Kuenze or Dr. Matthew Harkey with any questions that you may have regarding our research.

The concussion research group focuses on investigating the neurocognitive and psychological effects of concussion with specific focus in youth populations. In addition, the concussion research group assesses optimal methods for the development and implementation of coach, parent, and athlete education on the topic of sport related concussion. Please contact Dr. Tracey Covassin with any questions that you may have regarding our research.