What to Expect


The current resident and non-resident (i.e. out of state and international) tuition cost for the Graduate Certificate program can be found on the Office of the Controller, Student Account web page. Please refer to the per credit hour fee listed for Graduate Certification. This site is updated on an annual basis to reflect any tuition changes approved by the University’s Board of Trustees.

Financial Aid

The Graduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Postsecondary education is not a degree program so as a result, students enrolled in this program are not eligible for most Federal financial aid programs. This does not preclude tuition benefit programs such as those for Veterans or active military personnel. Please refer to the University’s Financial Aid Office website or contact the Financial Aid Office for more details regarding individual eligibility or other forms of financial assistance.

Online Course Management System

All courses are administered through Michigan State University’s course management system, Desire2Learn.

This course management system is supported by the University’s Information Technology Services department and the staff at the Learning Design and Technology Center. Technical requirements, including hardware and software specifications (i.e. web browser), for the course management system can be viewed at help.d2l.msu.edu/technical-requirements.

Prospective students are encouraged to review these requirements and specifications prior to applying to the Graduate Certificate program in order to ensure they will have access to the technology resources needed to fully engage in the Program’s teaching and learning experience.

You will also find useful questions and answers and other support information regarding the online learning platform at help.d2l.msu.edu.