Applications for admission to the Graduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Postsecondary Education are accepted on an on-going basis, enabling students to begin enrollment in the fall, the spring, or the summer semester.

However, to ensure that an admission application is processed in time to actually begin classes in a given semester, applicants are strongly encouraged to complete the application process by the following dates:

  • Fall Semester start: August 1st
  • Spring Semester start: December 1st
  • Summer Semester start: April 1st

Admission Criteria

Applicants must possess a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution. Consideration for admission on a regular basis requires at least a 3.0 grade-point average in the final two years of undergraduate study. Applicants with a grade-point average below 3.0 for the same time period may be considered for admission on a provisional basis.

Application Process

Individuals currently enrolled in a graduate degree granting program at Michigan State University are asked to complete and submit an Intent to Enroll form. Students enrolled in degree programs have the option of requesting credits earned for the Certificate also be applied toward the completion of their graduate degree. If interested, students should consult the Requirements for a Second, Dual or Joint Degree section of the University Academic Programs Catalogue.

Individuals not currently enrolled in a graduate degree program at MSU are asked to follow these steps to ensure a complete application:

  1. Complete the online MSU Graduate Certificate application, including the following:
    1. On-line graduate certificate study application for admission.  Be sure to indicate that you are applying to be a Graduate Certificate student and when asked for a major select: Certificate Program Code: 6750 – Teaching and Learning in Postsecondary Education.
    2. Pay the application fee
  2. When you complete the first part of the MSU graduate certificate application and pay the application fee, you will be given access to the applicant portal. There, you will upload the following files (in PDF format):
    1. A personal statement/statement of purpose that describes your professional and educational experience in relation to your desire to pursue a graduate certificate in teaching and learning in postsecondary education and how the certificate program relates to your career interests/plans.  This statement is used to determine if the applicant’s goals are consistent with those of the program and to assess the clarity and coherence of the applicant’s writing.  Statements should not exceed 500 words in length.
    2. Resume
  3. Request the registrar of each college or university attended to send one copy of each official transcript. To be considered official, the transcript must have a university seal or notarization mark; a transcript issued to student is not official.  Official transcript should be sent directly by the institution via email to or by mail to:Higher, Adult and Lifelong Education (HALE) Program
    c/o HALE Admissions Assistant
    Department of Educational Administration
    Michigan State University
    Erickson Hall
    620 Farm Lane Rm 423
    East Lansing, MI 48824-1034

Please Note: The GREs or an academic interview are not required for admissionAdmission to the Graduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning is separate and distinct from other graduate programs within HALE and from all other graduate programs offered at MSU. Acceptance into the Graduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning does not qualify an individual for admission into any of the graduate degree programs offered in HALE. Credits earned in the certificate program may be applied toward a degree program in HALE with faculty approval.

Questions regarding admission to the certificate program can be directed to