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Graduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Postsecondary Education

The Graduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Postsecondary Education is a professional development program designed to assist current educators and practitioners from a variety of professional settings and disciplines, who seek to enhance their understanding of teaching and learning issues for adult learners.  The course offerings facilitate an overall understanding of learning in adulthood and what implications this knowledge holds for helping adults learn in postsecondary institutions, organizations, and in the broader society.

Outcomes for individuals who complete the Certificate include:

  • Be more reflective and effective teachers in postsecondary education

  • Understand the values, beliefs, and contexts that inform different approaches to adult learning and development

  • Knowledge of teaching and learning strategies that are most appropriate in various contexts

  • Articulate the values, beliefs, experiences, and ideas that shape one's philosophical/theoretical approach to teaching and learning

  • Skill in the systematic planning, design, and development of educational and training programs for postsecondary education contexts

If you have questions regarding the Graduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Postsecondary Education or would simply like to learn more about the program, please view the Graduate Certificate Adminissions Brochure or contact us:
(517) 353-5187


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