About the Dean

Robert Floden Photo

Robert Floden
Dean, College of Education
Michigan State University

Dean Floden has served more than 40 years as a faculty member in the college, where he has a strong history of leadership, having served as director of research centers, as associate dean for research, and (twice) as acting dean. He also is co-director of the Education Policy Center at MSU. He is a faculty member in several programs: teacher education, educational psychology, educational policy, mathematics education, and measurement and quantitative methods.

Floden received an AB with honors in philosophy from Princeton University and an MS in statistics and PhD in philosophy of education from Stanford University. He has studied teacher education and other influences on teaching and learning, including work on the cultures of teaching, on teacher development, on the character and effects of teacher education, and on how policy is linked to classroom practice.

Floden was elected to serve as secretary-treasurer of the National Academy of Education. He has been president of the Philosophy of Education Society, a member of the NRC Committee on Education Research, a member of the AERA Research Advisory Committee, an Alexander von Humboldt Fellow at the University of Tuebingen, and a Fulbright Specialist at Pontificia Universidad Católica, Santiago, Chile. He is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association’s Division 15, Educational Psychology. He received the Margaret B. Lindsey Award for Distinguished Research in Teacher Education from the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education, of which he serves on the Board of Directors. Floden’s work has been published in the Handbook of Research on Teaching, the Handbook of Research on Teacher Education, the Handbook of Research on Mathematics Teaching and Learning, and in many journals and books. Prior to his current work as co-editor of the Journal of Teacher Education, he was editor of Educational Researcher and Review of Research in Education.

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