Teacher & Administrator Certification


Teachers may take courses to advance to the Professional Certificaterenew the Standard Certificate or add new endorsements to an existing certificate. As of September 1, 2013, teachers use the Michigan Online Educator Certification System (MOECS) to apply for the Professional Certificate or a renewal of the Standard Certificate. No application to the MSU Certification Office is required. Additional endorsements still require a recommendation from MSU or another approved teacher preparation institution. Teachers need not complete all of the credits required for an additional endorsement at MSU; however, we generally require that half of the credits be taken through MSU.


To be recommended for the K-12 School Administrator Certificate with Elementary and Secondary endorsements through MSU, an applicant must have completed (a) an approved master’s degree in K-12 Administration at MSU, or (b) a relevant master’s degree and an approved 21-credit core administrative studies program at MSU (the 3 credit internship can be waived for sitting administrators).

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