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Program Requirements

There are a variety of program sequences an individual can take to obtain the M.A. degree and ASD or LD endorsement. These sequences depend on a student’s previous education and teaching certification. Please refer to ASD or LD program tracks and check with the M.A. program coordinator.

Students must complete 30-36 credits distributed as follows:

1. Special Education M.A. Program Courses

  • CEP 801A: Collaboration and Consultation in Special Education (3 cr.)
  • CEP 803A: Assessment of Students with Mild Disabilities (3 cr.)
  • CEP 840: Policies, Practices and Perspectives in Special Ed (3 cr.)
  • CEP 841: Classroom and Behavior Management (3 cr.)
  • CEP 842: Content Area Instruction for Students with Mild Disabilities (3 cr.)
  • CEP 843: Autism Spectrum Disorders (3 cr.)
  • CEP 844: Applied Behavior Analysis I (3 cr.)
  • CEP 845: ASD: Assessment and Intervention (3 cr.)
  • CEP 846: ASD: Advanced Topics (3 cr.)
  • CEP 850: Technology and Literacy for Students with Mild Disabilities (3 cr.)
  • TE 846: Accommodating Diffs Literacy Learners (3 cr.)

2. Practicum & Internship (3-9 credits)
Complete 3-9 credits in course work selected from one of the following:
MA + ASD Endorsement

  • CEP 894J: Special Ed Practicum: Children & Youth with ASD (3-6 cr.)

MA + LD Endorsement

  • CEP 894G: Special Ed Practicum: Teaching Students with LD (3 cr.)*
  • CEP 894G: Special Ed Practicum Teaching Students with LD (3 cr.)*
  • CEP 893F: Special Ed Internship: Teaching Students with LD (3 cr.)

*CEP 894G includes field experience with students who have LD. It is coordinated to extend course content in CEP 804B and CEP 850. For more information about the practicum & internship requirements, please see the ASD Program Handbook or LD Program Handbook.

3. Electives

Three (3) additional credits of electives as approved by the student’s academic advisor. (For more information about electives, please speak with the M.A. program coordinator.)

4. MA Comprehensive Exam

MSU requires that all M.A. students complete a master’s comprehensive examination known as the Certifying Examination. The Certifying Examination is a test that you must take near the end of your program, if you wish to obtain a master’s degree. If a student fails the certifying examination, they are allowed one opportunity to retake the examination during a subsequent examination period. You must be enrolled in at least one credit hour to be eligible to take the exam. The master’s program coordinator, or your advisor, can provide you with more information about the certifying examination during the course of the program.