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Department of Counseling, Educational Psychology & Special Education

Master of Arts in Learning Experience Design

Meaningful learning experiences through intentional design.

The Master of Arts in Learning Experience Design (MALXD) program provides a critical lens of equity, accessibility, and social justice in human-centered learning and design. MALXD learners become leaders in the thoughtful consideration and examination of issues that impact learners as unique individuals and create well-informed, playful, and powerful learning design solutions.

The MALXD program admits learners every Fall semester in a cohort model. MALXD learners will earn 3 graduate certificates and their MALXD degree in 5 semesters through our fully online program. We design experiences to support the application of theory and skills directly to the professional contexts of our learners, to support career elevation.

As an MALXD learner, you will work closely with your experienced academic advisor and caring instructors who will support your success throughout your academic journey. Along the way, you will collaborate with your MALXD colleagues and become part of the dynamic MALXD community.

MALXD prepares leaders in human-centered, instructional, and learning experience design. Graduates will be able to:

  • Create accessible and inclusive learning experiences and environments, rooted in the learning sciences, educational psychology, and theories of teaching and learning.
  • Evaluate leading design principles and frameworks, modify, and apply them through a critical lens focused on equity and social justice.
  • Assess learning platforms and technologies for accessibility, user experience, and social and ethical implications.
  • Use rich pedagogical and research practice knowledge to generate creative designs and learning solutions.
  • Develop strategies to support a team’s productivity, capacity, and culture as a project manager.
  • Engage in a cycle of continuous improvement and project management, including researching, planning, implementing, tracking, evaluating the success of initiatives, and improving the product.

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Our Program by the Numbers


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Our Programmatic Promise

  • We connect with our dynamic community.
  • We care about you, your identities, and your contexts.
  • We believe learning environments should be accessible, anti-racist, and inclusive.
  • We critically examine and evaluate frameworks, theories, and technologies.
  • We design learning experiences that are applicable to your professional practice.
  • We iterate in our design to provide the highest-quality learning experience.
  • We spark creativity and play.


M.A. in Learning Experience Design & Graduate Certificate Programs
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