Alumni Board

The Michigan State University College of Education Alumni Board (MSUCOEAB) enhances support and promotion for the college, as well as for faculty, current and future students and friends. The MSUCOEAB provides leadership and programs on behalf of the 58,000 Spartan education and kinesiology alumni. Board activities include hosting the Get A Job and Homecoming events, selecting the recipients of future CED alumni awards, providing student scholarships and hosting regional alumni receptions.

Meet our Board

Alumni Board

Being a Board Member

Board members serve three-year terms and meet at least four times annually. Throughout the year, members participate in ad-hoc or standing committee work. Board committee work can include areas such as Scholarships & Awards, Nominations & Elections, Membership, College Relations, Promotions & Visibility and Communications, depending on the needs, focus and present work of the Alumni Board, in responding both to the college’s alumni needs and strategic vision of the college.

Board Member Nominations

To nominate yourself or another College of Education alum as a potential member of the Board, please fill out the form here.

For more information, visit our Serve on the Board page.

Singing & Serving Spartan

Silhouettes of "Staff Notes GR," a group of teachers from Grand Rapids public schools who sing for their community.

Margaret “Maggie” Malone was a long-time member, and former president, of the MSUCOEAB. Read how she and a group of teachers in Grand Rapids, Mich. are making the world better one song at a time in our 2020-21 New Educator magazine. (Photo, pre-2020, courtesy of Grand Rapids Public Schools.)

More Information

For additional questions regarding current MSUCOEAB members, or if you are interested in joining the board, contact Ryan Smith. For more information about our board members, please visit the Current Board Members page.