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Health Promotion Minor

The Health Promotion Minor is designed to assist students in gaining a deeper understanding of health issues and their impact on overall quality of life. The multidisciplinary course options will provide a basis for personal and professional growth, emphasize positive lifestyle choices and explore global health/wellness concerns.

Enrollment in the Health Promotion Minor is available to all students who are enrolled in bachelor degree programs at Michigan State University. Students may start enrolling in the classes at any time and required coursework does not have to be completed prior to adding the minor to the academic record.

TO ADD THE MINOR and ensure it appears on the transcript, students should complete the Addition of Health Promotion Minor formOnce completed forms are approved, the minor will be posted to the student record. Students can check StuInfo to verify addition of the minor code. An advising appointment is not necessary. For questions, email Jennifer Watson, Undergraduate Kinesiology Advisor.


NOTE TO NON-KIN MAJORS: The link to the application form will be active and available for Non-Kinesiology majors from September 1st through March 1st only.  Kinesiology majors wishing to add the Minor to the academic record during this time should contact a KIN advisor.


Students must plan accordingly for successful completion of the Health Promotion Minor. Be sure to check for course dates, availability, and prerequisite requirements. Seats in KIN 121 and PSY 320 are often very limited. Students who choose to add the minor in the junior or senior year may not have time to complete all requirements before graduation. 

Coursework Requirements: 

Click HERE for worksheet to track completion of requirements.

1) All of the following courses (9 credits):

Course Number Title Credits
KIN 121 The Healthy Lifestyle  3
HNF 150 Introduction to Human Nutrition 3
PSY 320 Health Psychology   (Prerequisite: PSY 101) 3

2) At least 9 credits from the following courses:

Course Number Title Credits
ANP 270 Women and Health: Anthropological and International Perspectives 3
ANP 370 Culture, Health, and Illness  3
CEP 260 Dynamics of Personal Adjustment 3
CEP 261 Substance Abuse 3
EEP 260 World Food, Population, and Poverty 3
EPI 390 Disease in Society: Intro to Epidemiology and Public Health 4
GEO 435 Geography of Health and Disease 3
HDFS 225 Lifespan Human Development in the Family  3
HDFS 444 Interpersonal Relationships in the Family 3
HDFS 445 Human Sexuality  3
HM 101 Introduction to Public Health 3
HNF 102 Dietary Supplements: Evidence vs Hype 3
HNF 310 Nutrition in Medicine for Pre-Health Professionals 3
HNF 385 Public Health Nutrition 3
HNF 406 Global Foods and Culture  3
HNF 415 Global Nutrition 3
HNF 457 Sports and Cardiovascular Nutrition 3
PHL 344 Ethical Issues in Health Care  4
PHL 453 Ethical Issues in Global Public Health 3
PSY 333 The Neurobiology of Food Intake and Overeating 3
SOC 475 Health and Society 3