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Project FOCCUS³

At MSU, we are preparing Facilitators Of Compassion and Cultural humility in Underrepresented Students in School Psychology and Special Education (Project FOCCUS³)

Project FOCCUS³ provides funding for selected graduate students to pursue a master’s degree in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) or an educational specialist degree in School Psychology from Michigan State University.

Fellowship graduates will prepare to be school psychologists and behavior analysts who support the academic and social-emotional functioning of children with high-intensity needs. Upon program completion, students will be eligible for certifications as Board-Certified Behavior Analysts® or School Psychologists.

Fellowship Features

Scholars will complete their respective coursework along with specialized opportunities specifically for Project FOCCUS³ participants. This includes collaborative coursework with fellow cohort members, guest lectures and a summer intensive training institute to bolster learning and training.

Funding Information

Through a grant from the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP), Project FOCCUS³ scholars will have tuition coverage and support for travel and materials each year in the program. For details, please contact one of the program faculty.








Empowering the Future

Project FOCCUS³ prepares future school counselors, psychologists and behavior analysts to utilize the following supportive principles in their work:

• strengths-focused approaches
• equity
• access-oriented approaches
• evidence-based instruction
• prevention-oriented multitiered systems of support

Teacher taking notes as a kid plays in the sand

NOTE: Project FOCCUS3 is made possible through funding from the Personnel Development to Improve Services and Results for Children with Disabilities – Preparation of Related Services Personnel Serving Children with Disabilities who have High-Intensity Needs (Assistance Listing Number 84.325R), which is provided through the United States Department of Education, Office of Special Education and Rehabilitation Services, Office of Special Education Programs. Total federal funding for Project FOCCUS3 is $1,235,524, which represents 91.8% of total costs for the project. University-based funding for Project FOCCUS3 is $109,698, which represents 8.2% of the total funding for the project.