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Economics of Education

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The Doctoral Specialization in the Economics of Education is administered by faculty from the Education Policy Unit in the Department of Educational Administration. Students in the program take a series of doctoral-level courses in economics and education policy to provide them with expertise in econometric methods, economic theory and education policy to produce high-quality research on topics in the intersection of economics and education.

Focus on education issues

The foci of the doctoral specialization, both substantive and methodological, is built around work in the economics of education. Education issues include teacher quality, school finance, school choice and the effects of many other factors on student achievement, as well as methodological questions about the estimation of effects in correlational, quasi-experimental and experimental studies.

Who is eligible?

Enrollment in the specialization is open to students enrolled in any doctoral program at Michigan State University. While there are no formal prerequisites, students are expected to have completed undergraduate coursework in statistics, multivariate calculus and linear algebra. Specific courses may have additional requirements or prerequisites. Students who are unsure if they meet these expectations should contact the program coordinator before enrolling.


Professor Scott Imberman

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