Summer Salary and Time Commitments

Faculty members on academic year appointments are employed from August 16 to May 15 and under normal circumstances are expected to be available except when the university is formally closed. There is no vacation time associated with an academic year appointment. Faculty members are expected to take vacation time during the summer. If a faculty member requests three months of summer salary, there is no time-off, no vacation, no leave, etc., for the entire year and this is not viewed as a good employee practice. Anyone requesting summer salary in excess of two months will be required to submit a signed statement (click for downloadable PDF), acknowledging that he/she/they understand(s) that summer vacation time will be reduced accordingly, and all requests for summer salary in excess of two months must be approved by the department chair and dean.

Extra work or overload during the academic year cannot be compensated with summer salary. Summer salary must be for work done during the summer months (May 16 – August 15). In addition, if summer salary is assigned to grants, there should be an equivalent amount of time during the academic year assigned to the grant. Grant activity does not simply take place during the summer and should be distributed reasonably across the year. Exceptions due to complications or restrictions from certain agencies or foundations must be discussed with your chair and require approval of the Dean’s Office.