Key and Access Card Policy

    The purpose of this policy is to provide optimal physical security and safety for building occupants and to protect the assets of the College of Education and Michigan State University. This policy applies to all building(s) and space assigned to the College of Education.
    All employees are responsible for maintaining building security. A key/ID card holder is responsible for all keys/card issued to them. The duplication of keys or possession of any unauthorized keys is not permitted. The holder of keys to any University facility assumes responsibility for the safekeeping of the key and its use. Should a loss occur, the department will be responsible for the financial impacts of re-keying an area. In an effort to minimize loss or misuse of keys/ID cards, all key/ID card holders are strongly encouraged to keep University keys/ID cards in a secure location.
    1. Employees will not loan or transfer their keys/ID card to any other individual.
    2. Employees shall not unlock a building or room for another individual unless the individual is known by them to have authorized access to enter.
    3. All University keys must be returned to CED Facilities (room 133C Erickson Hall) upon office move or vacating of a position in order to maintain accurate inventory.
    4. Unauthorized persons or suspicious activities are to be reported to the Michigan State University Police Department immediately.
    5. Any found University keys should be turned in to CED Facilities (room 133C Erickson Hall).
    6. Employees not in compliance with key and ID card policies may be subject to disciplinary action.
    1. All key and ID card access requests must be submitted via the College of Education Key & ID Card Access Request Form
    2. Forms should be submitted in hard copy to the College of Education Service Center in room 133C Erickson Hall.
    3. Keys will be issued within one business day of receipt of an approved form.
    4. ID Card Access will be requested to the MSU Police Department within one business day of receipt of an approved form.