Required Michigan Test for Teacher Certification (MTTC) Tests for MSU Teaching Majors

Major AreaSubject Test
Agriscience (HX)37  Agriculture Education
Art Education (LQ)95 Visual Arts Education
Biological Science (DA)17 Biology
Chemistry (DC) 18 Chemistry
Communicative Sciences and Disorders (SB)57 Speech & Language Impaired
Earth Science (DH)20  Geology/Earth Science
East Asian Language and Culture (Chinese) (FR)101 Chinese (Mandarin)
East Asian Language and Culture (Japanese)(FL)100 Japanese
Economics (CA)07  Economics
English (BA) 02  English
French (FA)23  French
German (FB)24  German
History (CC)09  History 
Integrated Science Endorsement (DI)94 Integrated Science (Secondary)
Journalism (BC)03  Journalism
Kinesiology (MB)44  Physical Education
Mathematics (EX)22  Mathematics ( Secondary)
Music (JX)39  Music Education 1
Music Education (JQ)99 Music 2
Physical Science (DP)97  Physical Science
Physics (DE)19  Physics
Social Studies (RX) 84  Social Studies 
Spanish (FF)28  Spanish
  1. For Music Education Students who started their program prior to Fall 2006 and who are certified  by July 2010.
  2. For Music Education students who started Fall 2006 or later.
  3. The Russian major for teacher certificate is being phased out at MSU.

If you do not see your major area or are unsure about which test to take, please call an Education advisor at (517) 353-9680.