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Program Options

Students in the MATC program can choose from several concentrations. This list is not exhaustive and will be added to/modified on a continuing basis. Students should meet with their advisor to discuss any of these options as well as other possibilities. (Note: The pull-down lists are suggestions of popular courses from which nine (9) credits can be chosen.) Students are strongly encouraged to consult the Schedule of Courses for current courses offerings.


Students must at least choose one of several concentrations—nine (9) credits—from any of the following areas that encompass a wide variety of research paths, including educational psychology and science and mathematics education. Additional courses than those listed in each area can be considered.

Graduate Specializations

Beginning in Fall 2019, all candidates recommended for certification in an additional content endorsement must have completed a minimum of 30 Student Contact Hours of clinical experience in the content area of the endorsement. Candidates will complete these hours as components of required coursework.