Ready to enhance your career?


Dear Prospective Doctoral Student,

Thank you for your interest in graduate study in our PhD program. We encourage you to explore what our program offers you and then contact us directly as you consider applying. We suggest that you:

  • Email the MQM Program and describe your academic background, your research and scholarly interests, the names of one or more faculty members whose research interests seem closest to your own. If you have presented or published papers, please describe them and, if available on the Web, provide a web address. If you have strong technology skills or have designed interesting websites or software, please also describe them.

By emailing us directly and telling us about yourself, we can begin communicating with you without waiting for you to submit a complete application.

  • Consider visiting campus, if possible. By planning ahead, you may be able to tour the campus, sit in on classes, and talk to faculty and current students. We may be able to provide some travel funds for your visit.
  • Submit a complete application as soon as possible.