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Special Education Pre-admission Experience


  • 42 hours of documented experience with children or youth who have special needs – ideally those who are identified with learning disabilities
  • One-on-one experiences with children with special needs (tutoring or babysitting) can be used for up to 21 of the required hours
  • Remaining hours should come from experiences in a group setting under the supervision of an experienced teacher or supervisor
  • Hours may be from previous experiences within two years (from high school, preschool or school based settings) of the application to Special Education program
  • Submission of Student Reaction Form and Supervisor Reaction Form by the first week of the spring semester


  • To help students explore the opportunity of working with students with special learning needs and what the role of a special education teacher and/or consultant might look like out in the field of education
  • To provide students with a foundation for acquiring the knowledge and skills needed prior to admission to the special education program

Suggestions for finding experience

  • MSU Center for Service-Learning and Civic Engagement
  • Special Education Faculty
  • Lisa Plascencia, Special Education Internship Coordinator
  • School districts – Special Education Director, Special Ed. Teachers, or Special Ed. Teacher Consultants
  • Public or private agencies that provide services for special needs children
  • Summer camp programs for children with special needs
  • Parents of children with special needs

Due Dates

  • For those applying during the fall semester forms are due by the first week of spring semester
  • Transfer students seeking direct admission to Special Education must submit forms at the time they matriculate at MSU