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Hear from faculty, students and alumni about what makes the Global Educators Cohort so transformative to their time at MSU, their teaching and their world view.
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Global Educators Cohort Program

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The Global Educators Cohort Program (GECP) prepares future teachers to develop a critical, justice-oriented stance that enables them to foster students’ understanding of and engagement with complex global issues. 

Small classes, a cohort model, and a tailored set of courses and co-curricular experiences provide GECP students opportunities to grow as global educators and develop a professional learning community that extends beyond their time at MSU.

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Points of distinction


Within GECP, connect with fellow Spartans committed to teaching with a global, justice-oriented stance.


In small classes with your fellow cohort members, learn from renowned faculty with a diverse set of expertise in the field.


Throughout GECP and co-curricular experiences, you will be challenged to critically analyze complex global structures and issues and their role in education.


Program Requirements

Students must enroll in GECP-designated sections for all courses. Descriptions can be found on the MSU Course Description website.

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GECP Curricular and Co-curricular Program Components

The Global Educators Cohort Program (GECP) gives future educators the tools they need to teach with a global view and to make an impact in today’s classrooms, which are increasingly culturally diverse. Through social and educational experiences, MSU’s Global Educators are prepared to help young people think about themselves as citizens and stewards of the world around them.

Applying to GECP

Program Leaders

Director Bethany Wilinski
Michigan State University
Erickson Hall
620 Farm Lane, Room 332
East Lansing, MI 48824

Phone: 517-432-5571

Student Testimonials

Why should you join GECP? It helps you gain a better understanding of the increasingly diverse educational system in America and around the world. The challenging coursework prepared students for a career in education, and the course content helps Spartans analyze their contributions to the world.

– Matt White (Alumnus)

Growing up as a Korean-American, I’ve always been interested in learning about education all over the
world. I was so excited to hear MSU provides a cohort like GECP. I’ve learned so much about myself in TE 101 and in the GECP program. Through this, I was able to grow more passionate about teaching and even challenge myself to take on a leadership position for something I am passionate about… I want to bring more to the table to grow our GECP community, and to share the passion that I have found through GECP with other GECP students.

– Hannah Yoon, Class of 2025

I joined GECP because I want to teach abroad and work in multilingual classrooms. Additionally, I want to be able to create a globally informed educational setting for my students.

– Elizabeth Tweadey, Class of 2022

Growing up, my family couldn’t afford to travel, so I always felt like I was lacking in cultural knowledge and experiences. I joined GECP so I could gain these experiences in college and have the opportunity to learn about various cultures and engage with individuals with different cultural backgrounds than my own.

-Grace Steele, Class of 2022

Being a part of GECP gave me the unique opportunity to participate in my teacher education program within a smaller network in College of Education. This community included classmates and faculty who were similarly enthusiastic about global education but were also willing to challenge my perspectives to develop my critical thinking skills around pedagogy. The program ultimately provided the confidence I needed to pursue a career teaching abroad, and a network I can still rely on today.

-Taylor Sandweg, Class of 2015, Teacher at Maples Elementary in Dearborn

Meet Our GECP Faculty!

GECP’s Dearborn Trip 2022

In April 2022, GECP students participated in the Immersion Learning Experience. During a two-day visit to Dearborn, Michigan, students were able to deepen their global competence through an immersive multi-day experience in a culturally and linguistically diverse community. Through classroom observations, guided museum tours, and cultural experiences, students learned about Dearborn schools’ and teachers’ efforts to engage Arab American culture, experience, and perspectives through culturally-relevant and culturally sustaining practices.

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GECP’s Newsletter

Stay updated with our GECP community! Our GECP newsletter includes upcoming events, networking and volunteering opportunities, student spotlights, and so much more!

Project PLAY

Through the Tanzania Partnership Program (TPP), a team consisting of faculty in Tanzania, faculty at MSU (including GECP’s Director, Dr. Bethany Wilinski), graduate students in the MSU College of Education, and undergraduate interns all collaborated on how to create learning materials centered around building teacher-educator capacity.

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Global Educators Cohort Program
620 Farm Lane, Room 134 Erickson Hall
East Lansing, MI 48824-1034
P: (517) 353-9680