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Hear from faculty, students and alumni about what makes the Global Educators Cohort so transformative to their time at MSU, their teaching and their world view.
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Teacher Preparation Program

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Global Cohort Program

The Global Educators Cohort Program (GECP) prepares future teachers who are committed to preparing today’s children for tomorrow’s world.

The Global Educators Cohort Program (GECP) gives future educators the tools they need to teach with a global view and to make an impact in today’s classrooms, which are increasingly culturally diverse. Through social and educational experiences, MSU’s Global Educators are prepared to help young people think about themselves as citizens and stewards of the world around them.

Points of Distinction

Cohort Commuunity

Within GECP, connect with fellow Spartans who have the same goals and passions as you: to teach and bring global education into classrooms.

Faculty Expertise

In small classes with your fellow cohort members, learn from renowned faculty who are leaders in the field of international education.

A Different Lens

Throughout GECP, you will be challenged to push yourself and see the world through a new set of eyes: learning how you can become a part of the global community.


Program Requirements

Students must enroll in GECP-designated sections for all courses. Descriptions can be found on the MSU Course Description website.

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Applying to GECP

Program Director

Margo Glew, Ph.D.
Michigan State University
Erickson Hall
620 Farm Lane, Room 116-S
East Lansing, MI 48824

Phone: 517-355-8534

Why should you join GECP? It helps you gain a better understanding of the increasingly diverse educational system in America and around the world. The challenging coursework prepared students for a career in education, and the course content helps Spartans analyze their contributions to the world.

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Global Educators Cohort Program
620 Farm Lane, Room 134 Erickson Hall
East Lansing, MI 48824-1034
P: (517) 353-9680