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For International Students

In addition to the procedures outlined in CITE application process for U.S. citizens/residents, international students also need to submit the following materials as part of their application:

If you are offered admission into the CITE program, you must complete an Financial Proof/Affidavit of Support form. The statement, which is found on the Grad School’s Application page, must originate from your source of support and must be an original statement with stamp and original signature. You will need to upload both your Affidavit of Support form and bank statement(s) into the Graduate Education Application Portal.

University Application Payment

Please see the Office of Admissions International Application Checklist for information on the application fee and payment.

English Language Proficiency Scores

International applicants are required to submit English Language Proficiency scores. For more information on English Language Proficiency scores please visit the Graduate School’s English Language Proficiency web page. The official test results must be electronically submitted from the testing facility to the MSU office of Admissions to be considered official scores. In order to be considered for admission, all international students must have official scores reported to the university.

English Language Proficiency Waiver

If the student has completed a degree program in an English speaking country, they may request a waiver of the English Language Proficiency score requirement. For more information on the procedure to request a waiver please visit the Graduate School’s website. This waiver is usually granted, upon the departmental request. However, if it is not granted, then the English Language Proficiency scores will be required before a decision can be processed.


Send an official (sealed) transcript of each degree granting institution to the program secretary. These transcripts should have English translation and include a notation of the degree earned, area of study in which the degree was earned and the date conferred. If your transcripts do not include the above, please also submit an official original or certified copy of the diploma with degree earned and date.

Please visit the Graduate School’s webpage with important details on transcripts from China.


For international students who wish to serve as teaching assistants, the English-language campus minimum proficiency score is 50 on the SPEAK test. Individuals who need to take this test should go in person to A714 Wells Hall for information. The schedule for the SPEAK test is on the English Language Center website. Just as important as English language proficiency for all TAs, however, is familiarity with American K-12 education. For some entering international students, as well as other students who have not taught in K-12 settings, this will mean that they should include in their first year of studies some opportunities in K-12 schools in order to become more familiar with the American institution of schooling from the perspective of a professional serving such settings.

Sources of Information for International Students

If you have questions about how to fill out the international application, please contact the MSU Office of Admissions.

For questions about visa types and requirements, travel to the U.S., finances for international students and support services, please contact the Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS).

For questions about housing, please contact the University Housing and Food Services Division.

Summary of Application Process

  • Fill out the university application form
  • Statement of financial proof
  • English Language Proficiency scores
  • GRE scores
  • Transcripts
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Goal Statement
  • Sample(s) of Writing
  • Three (3) Reference letters

Any additional information you wish to submit should also be uploaded to the application portal.