Quick Tips for Leading Meetings in a Virtual Space

Virtual meetings can occur using various platforms (e.g., Zoom, Blackboard, Teams, WebX). These notes do not provide guidance about specific platforms. Rather, they offer general ideas for organizing and leading meetings in virtual spaces. Questions about specific platforms should be directed to MSU Technology support.

Plan B

Have a backup plan should the technology fail. Think about steps you will take should the quality of the online meeting prohibit a productive conversation. Will you reschedule for another time? Switch to a phone-only teleconference? Gather input through email or a google doc? Continue with a smaller group and send out a recording (if individuals are dropping)? Mention these plans at the start of the meeting so participants are assured that all will be well if the technology should become a problem.

Prepared by Ann Austin (aaustin@msu.edu) and Kitch Barnicle (kabarnicle@wisc.edu)

Last updated: March 16, 2020