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Human Resources

The College of Education HR team’s goal is to support the College and University in advancing the common good through efficient and effective integrated human resource services and support. We strive to provide leadership in advancing the college and university toward a more inclusive, engaging, innovative and strategic culture that drives the campus community in achieving excellence.


The college is developing internal plans to guide employees and supervisors through the two new MSU Policies surrounding remote work. There is an in-state and out-of-state (includes international) policy because the needs at the university level outside of the State of Michigan are different. Working out of the State of Michigan also affects things such as benefits, taxes, etc.  

For in-state remote work, the “Telecommuting Agreements” are transitioning to “Remote Work Agreements” (RWAs) for support staff employees. 

For out-of-state/international remote work, any current agreements to RWAs (for all employee types) is subject to additional approval.

Watch this 2023 recording of a College of Education Remote Work Training webinar to learn more about the college’s policies.


  • A standard remote work statement for job postings that have been designated as remote-friendly will be utilized. 
  • Candidates will be able to filter in PageUp for remote-friendly positions. 
  • Agreements are collected centrally as part of the personnel record.
  • Dean/VP/MAU Lead must approve out-of-state and international requests. 


  • The New Work Agreement is live on EBS and available.
  • Remote work definition: Any work that is regularly conducted at a pre-approved location that is not the official MSU worksite. The working definition of “hybrid” means that an employee will have a regularly scheduled time at the MSU work location (e.g., weekly). Remote work decisions are based primarily on employees’ requests and university requirements to provide more flexible work arrangements. The approval to work remotely is not considered a perk or a reward. 
  • The Remote Work Policy – In State applies to an employee who will work in the State of Michigan, ONLY applies for support staff and must be initiated and completed. It is available in the EBS tile. 
  • Remote Work Policy- Out of State (Includes International) applies to ALL employees who will work outside the state of Michigan and requires approval from the Dean/VP/MAU Leader.
  • Remote Work Agreement (RWA) is the document that outlines key information for both employees and supervisors. RWA is initiated by the employee in EBS and approved by the supervisor for in-state and out-of-state remote work. Learn additional information at the MSU HR website.

Section last updated: August 15, 2022


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