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Undergraduate Research

Professorial Assistantships

Examples of Past Research Projects Available to Professorial Assistants

  • Supporting Student Motivation and Engagment (Dr. Lisa Linnenbrink-Garica)
  • Michigan State University Early Learning Institute (Dr. Josh Plavnick)
  • Evaluating an Employment Related Social Skills Training Program for Transition-Age Youth with Autisum: The ASSET Program (Dr. Connie Sung)
  • Skills to Pay the Bills: Teachnology-Based Soft Skills and Vocational Intervention Program for Youth with Autism or Criminal Record (Dr. Connie Sung)
  • Implementing and Evaluating Training for Youth or Young Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (Dr. Connie Sung)
  • School-to-Work Transition for High School Students with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (Dr. Connie Sung)
  • Alignment in Reading Instructional Programs and Assessment Instruments (Dr. Sara Witmer)
  • Evaluating Sports-related Concussions in High School and Collegiate Athletics (Dr. Tracey Covassin)
  • Early Life Undernutrition Influences Cardiac Development (Dr. David Ferguson)
  • Control of Bimanual Coordination in Humans (Dr. Florian Kagerer)
  • Motor Learning and Development (Dr. Mei-Hua Lee)
  • Physical Activity and Academic Success (Dr. James Pivarnik)
  • Physical Activity and Pregnancy (Dr. James Pivarnik)
  • Educational Research - High School Physics (Dr. Alicia Alonzo)
  • Tools for Teaching Engineering for Sustainable Communities (Dr. Angela Calabrese Barton)
  • Eight Athletes Tweeting: Designing a Research-Based Social Media Mentoring Program for NCAA Division I Student-Athletes (Dr. Douglas Hartman)
  • Globalization, Education and Teaching (Dr. Lynn Paine)
  • The Politics of Education Reform (Dr. Rebecca Jacobsen)
  • Teaching and Learning of History (Dr. Maribel Santiago)
  • Studying How Beginning Elementary Teachers Notice and Respond to Students' Scientific Sense-Making (Dr. Christina Schwarz)
  • How Teachers Teach and Learn to Teach Science at the Preschool, Elementary and Middle School Levels (Dr. Christina Schwarz)
  • The Verses Project: Exploring Literacy through Lyrics and Song (Dr. Vaughn W. M. Watson)
  • Development and Implementation of a Family Psycho-Educational Intervention for Transition-Age Individuals with Autism and Other Neuro-Developmental Disabilities (Dr. Gloria Lee)
  • Development of a Curriculum of Emotional Regulation for Young Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (Dr. Gloria Lee)
  • Development of a Dynamic Vocabulary Assessment to Help Teachers Identify Kindergarten Students with Reading Comprehension Difficultues (Dr. Eunsoo Cho)
  • Engaging K-12 Students to Think Computationally (Dr. Aman Yadav)
  • Analysis of Elementary and Middle School Students' Written Composition (Dr. Adrea Truckenmiller)
  • UTEMPT: University Teaching Experience for Mathematics Prospective Teachers (Dr. Kristen Bieda)
  • Human Performance Factors of Developmental Racecar Drivers (Dr. Jennifer VanDerHeide)
  • ELMS: Engaging Learning Moments in Science (Dr. Barbara Schneider)