Centers & Institutes

The College of Education is home to several dynamic centers and institutes, each with their own agenda for research and outreach. Over time, these institutions have led to important new understandings about teaching, learning and physical activity, shaping the direction of policy and practice in the field.

CREATE for STEM Institute

The CREATE for STEM Institute—Collaborative Research in Education, Assessment and Teaching Environments for the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics—is focused on improving teaching and learning in the STEM disciplines at the K-12 and college levels through innovation, development and research efforts. CREATE is a joint initiative of the College of Education, the College of Natural Science at Michigan State University, the College of Engineering and Lyman Briggs College.

Center for Services, Training and Research for Independence and Desired Employment

The MSU Center for Services, Training and Research for Independence and Desired Employment is focused on supporting underserved individuals with disabilities, their families and community providers by 1) offering resources and training for employment and community independence; 2) training future professionals and service providers through internship and practicum placements; 3) conducting research to improve outcomes and services; 4) engaging with communities to promote knowledge translation from research to practices; and 5) fulfilling the land-grant missions of MSU.

Center for the Study of Curriculum Policy

The Center for the Study of Curriculum Policy at Michigan State University focuses on the concept of opportunity to learn and its relationship to academic performance. The work of the Center also focuses on the relationship that curriculum and its related opportunities to learn have on social class and racial inequalities both in the schooling they experience and in their academic performance. This research centers nationally as well as internationally through its work with TIMSS and PISA. Other research topics include the research related to the consistency between educational policy and practice as provided by U.S. mathematics textbooks. Methodologically, the Center focuses on issues of measurement related to schooling in general, but especially to opportunity to learn. 

Education Policy Innovation Collaborative

The Education Policy Innovation Collaborative (EPIC) is an independent, non-partisan research center that operates as the strategic research partner to the Michigan Department of Education (MDE), the Center for Educational Performance and Information (CEPI) and local school districts. EPIC conducts original research using a variety of data and methods that include advanced statistical modeling, representative surveys, interviews and case study approaches to produce new insights that decision-makers can use to create and implement policy. EPIC is devoted to research with consequence and the idea that rigorous evidence can be brought to bear on policy decisions for the most critical enduring and emerging education issues in the state. These lessons can be applied throughout the country to improve conditions for the most vulnerable students and advance efforts toward equitable educational opportunities and outcomes.

Institute for the Study of Youth Sports

The Institute for the Study of Youth Sports has been a respected leader in coaching education and research on youth sports for 40 years. By disseminating findings on key issues to parents, coaches and sports leaders, ISYS helps maximize the benefits of sport and physical activity participation.

Center for Higher & Adult Education

The Center for Higher and Adult Education emphasizes the importance of policy and international work in postsecondary education for the 21st century. The center supports academic and cultural exchange at the postsecondary level, hosts forums exploring higher education policy, and assists with research, teaching and outreach related to higher education policy both domestically and across the globe.