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Curtis Lewis

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Assistant Professor - Fixed Term

Ph.D., Michigan State University

346 Erickson

Curtis Lewis is an assistant professor in the Department of Teacher Education. He specializes in the philosophy and implementation of restorative practices and culturally sustaining pedagogy in K-12 schools. His research and experience focuses on strategies for recruiting, engaging and retaining Black male educators in K-12 schools, and the inequities within those schools that are preventing students of color from attaining success and a liberatory educational experience.

Furthermore, he specializes in K-8 mathematics teaching and learning, school leadership development, dismantling school structures and practices that devalue student voices and obstruct schools’ ability to engage in liberatory educational practices.

He is a recipient of the Michigan Chronicle’s Men of Excellence award for his work around the State of Michigan and beyond.

Connect with Lewis on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn.