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Scott Farver

Assistant Professor - Fixed Term

357 Erickson

(517) 432-0315

Scott Farver is a former elementary teacher, having taught 5th grade near the Navajo Nation in New Mexico. He is also a returned Peace Corps Volunteer, where he worked in rural elementary school in the Philippines (2006-08). As a teacher educator in the Department of Teacher Education, Farver sees his role as helping future teachers center social justice and equity into their practices so they can become actively anti-racist both inside and outside of their classrooms. Across his teaching, Farver has students critically investigate their multiple identities and lived experiences through the lenses of power, opportunity, and oppression as they consider what it means to be a teacher. His research focuses on critically examining the ways race-and in particular, whiteness-is taken up within educational spaces and how we might disrupt this whiteness in classrooms, schools, and communities.