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Tuition for online MAED candidates is the same for all students regardless of residency. Find the most up-to-date information on tuition on Michigan State University’s official Tuition and Fees page. The MAED is listed as “Online Education Masters.” 

  • Tuition Per Credit Hour (Fall 2023 & Spring 2024 Semesters): $933.00
  • Total Credit Hours Required: 30

Tuition for Lifelong Education students, persons interested in courses for professional development rather than degree applicability, is also listed in this page as “Education Lifelong.” Students who are residents of Michigan are eligible to be classified as in-state for tuition and fee purpose. All others will be considered out-of-state. Please contact the Office of the Controller with any specific questions.

Financial Aid

To be eligible to file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and qualify for federal grants and loans, you must be a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen. For complete information on eligibility, please visit the Aid Eligibility page of the Financial Aid website. More information on financial aid at MSU can be found on the MSU Office of Financial Aid website. The Process (of filing financial aid) page and FAFSA Filing Tips page on the Office of Financial Aid website may help orient (or perhaps reorient) you to this process.

Also, financial aid advisors can be reached at (517) 353-5940 and through MSU’s Office of Financial Aid website. (Please note: This office is typically quite busy at the beginning of a semester.)

Additionally, the following resources may be helpful:

Financial Aid/Tuition FAQs

College of Education Scholarships Open to Online Students

The College of Education offers a series of scholarships that are open to all students, including online master’s students. Applications for these scholarships open in the Spring Semester and are issued in the following Fall Semester (applicants must be enrolled in both semesters to be eligible). Find the most up-to-date information on these scholarship opportunities and information on when to apply via the College of Education.

These scholarship opportunities include:

  • College of Education Alumni Fellowship: Open to all CED graduate students
  • Robert I. Boyd Scholarship in Education: Open to all CED graduate students
  • Clifford E. Erickson Memorial Fund Scholarship: Open to all CED graduate students
  • Dr. Kenneth Harding Graduate Student Endowed Scholarship: Open to all CED graduate students
  • Anderson-Schwille Endowed Fellowship in International Education: Open to a non-U.S. citizen/international CED graduate student (student visa or permanent U.S. resident)
  • Hinman Graduate Fellowship: Open to CED students who are Michigan residents, preferably Lansing residents
  • The Michael B. Salwen and Okhee Lee-Salwen Endowed Scholarship in the College of Education: Open to CED students with financial need
  • Janice Marston Memorial Fund Scholarship: Applicants must be a demonstrably needy and academically worthy CED graduate student
  • Gaylin Green Miller Endowed Scholarship in Education: Recipients should be admitted students in the College of Education in good academic standing. Recipients will be selected based on financial need with financial need being determined by the federal government according to its policies and procedures. Priority will be given to students with current or previous residency in southeast Michigan
  • Donald H. Nickerson Scholarship in Cultural Diversity and Minority Concerns: For American ethnic minority graduate students in education. Preference will be given to candidates studying to improve teaching and learning of diverse learners and underserved populations in the United States.
  • Grace Hoffer Endowed Fund for Graduate Students in the College of Education: Open to all CED graduate students