Educator Evaluation Systems Support

MSU K-12 Outreach:

Under the 2018 Title II, Part A, Teacher and Leader Instruction Support Competitive Grants Program, is offering a specifically designed educator education professional development series. Districts interested in MSU support, need only include MSU in each district’s consolidate grant application.

Services include:

  • Support for Teacher and Leader Evaluation Systems; refine and revise these systems to support continuous improvement of instructional practice, and
  • Providing training for principals, other school leaders, coaches, mentors, and evaluators on how to accurately differentiate performance, provide useful and timely feedback, and use evaluation results to inform decision-making

School Leaders Will:

  • Increase capacity to create a timely, focused system for instructional improvement with “just in time” feedback
  • Provide differentiated coaching to enhance instructional practice
  • Build knowledge in planning and delivering strategic growth-based conversations focused on teacher will and skill levels
  • Develop proficiency in using the observational tool directly aligned to the Teacher evaluation model used in their district, as required for Administrator Evaluations by Michigan law
  • Become familiar with National Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (PSEL) 2015, formerly the Interstate Leaders Licensure Consortium (ISLLC) Standards 2008 focused on continuous improvement of teacher instructional quality

Program Design and Costs:

The cost is $2,000 per participant. Each participant will participate in 6-half day session throughout the 2018-19 school year.

Please contact the Office of K-12 Outreach
Dr. Bryan Beverly, Director
(517) 353-8950