Global and International Courses

*Source: MSU Schedule of Courses website and Faculty survey

Undergraduate Courses

  • TE 150 Reflections on Learning
  • TE 250 Human Diversity, Power, and Opportunity in Social Institutions
  • TE 291A Special Topics in Urban Education
  • TE 348 Reading and Responding to Children’s Literature
  • TE 352 Immigrant Language and Culture
  • TE 353 International Education
  • TE 491 Special Topics in Teacher Education

Masters Courses

  • TE 815 Comparative Analysis of Educational Practices
  • TE 891 Special Topics in Teaching, Curriculum, and Schooling
  • EAD/TE 813 Education, Development and Social Change

Doctoral Courses

  • TE 923 Comparative Perspectives on Teaching, Curriculum, and Teacher Education
  • TE 982 Seminar in Curriculum, Teaching & Educational Policy: Advanced Seminar in Comparative Education
  • EAD 942 Economic Analysis in Educational Policy Making
  • EAD 964 Comparative Higher Education
  • EAD 972 International and Comparative Issues in Higher and Adult Education