CIES Handouts 2023

CIES Schedule of MSU Engagement

Schedule of events and presentations featuring MSU community members among the presenters, chairs, discussants, and awardees.

Global Education and Engagement (GEE) Brochure

Outline of MSU College of Education’s GEE Initiative which facilitates global professional learning and development opportunities with learners from across the globe. GEE programs provide active, content-rich learning for educators and supporters.

Higher Education Career Development Initiative (Mozambique)

Article highlighting and celebrating the work of the USAID-funded HECDI project led by Matthew Wawrzynski. Working with three partner universities, the project aims to improve career services to enhance the employability of youth in Mozambique.

Transforming Higher Education Systems (Malawi)

Overview of the USAID-funded Transforming Higher Education Systems project led by Chris Reimann, Kurt Richter, and John Bonnell. The project aims to expand the skilled workforce, spur economic prosperity/self-reliance, and enhance resilience to shocks.

Project Play (Tanzania)

Overview of MSU’s College of Education and Dar-es-Salaam University’s College of Education success co-designing an app to support pre-service instruction in play-based learning strategies.

Decoloniality Dialogues (DD) Workshop Series

An interdisciplinary and global group of educators, scholars, and healers. Workshops provide shared spaces for learning/building other ways of teaching and learning that divest from the harm, violence, and exclusions of colonial logics and institutions.