Associated Faculty

Academic Staff and Other Resource Persons

Leland Cogan is a Senior Researcher with the Center for Research on Mathematics and Science Education and Assistant Director for the U.S. Research Center for the Teacher Education Study in Mathematics (U.S. TEDS-M). His current research interests include evaluation of mathematics and science curricula, mathematics and science classroom instruction, and the preparation of mathematics and science teachers.

John Metzler is the director of outreach for the African Studies Center, with an adjunct appointment in Teacher Education. He has worked with K-16 educators across Michigan and nationally in collaborative endeavors to internationalize curricula. He was a founding member of LATTICE and co-directed the LATTICE sessions, 2005-2007. Since 1992 he has led the COE’s TE 250 study abroad program in Southern Africa. He has worked on education in Southern Africa since 1972.