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Program Requirements

Requirements for the Master of Higher, Adult, and Lifelong Education

In consultation with their advisors, students must complete 30 credits as follows:

  1. Core Courses (6 credits)
    EAD 840 – Inquiry in Postsecondary Education 
    EAD 868 – Proseminar in Adult and Higher Education 
  2. Choose Three of the Following Courses (9 credits)
    Course Descriptions
    EAD 801 – Leadership and Organization Development
    EAD 805 – Administration in Higher Education
    EAD 860 – Concept of a Learning Society
    EAD 861 – Adult Learning
    EAD 866 – Teaching in Postsecondary Education
    EAD 870 – Foundations of Postsecondary Education
    EAD 876 – Budgeting and Finance in Higher Education
    EAD 877 – Program Planning and Evaluation in Postsecondary Contexts
  3. Choose 5 Additional Classes (15 credits)
    • Fifteen (15) additional credits, of which nine (9) credits must be Educational Administration (EAD) courses within the Higher, Adult, and Lifelong Education program. Other graduate level courses may be taken with the approval of your advisor.
  4. Final Portfolio Project

Other Requirements

  1. Students may enroll in a maximum of six (6) credit hours that are graded Pass/No Pass. This includes field experience and independent studies.
  2. A cumulative GPA of 3.0 is required of the program. However, to earn credit for a course, students must receive a minimum of a 2.0.