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The Loren and Opal Raines Colloquium Series

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The Raines Colloquium honors the significant contributions of Emeritus Professor Max Raines to the department, the college, the university, and the field of student affairs in higher education. Dr. Raines, a faculty member in the Department of  Educational Administration from 1965 -1993, and his wife Tomie established the Colloquium in 1993 in memory of his parents, Loren and Opal Raines.


The purpose of the Raines Colloquium is to foster intellectual, professional and personal growth and collegiality among the students, faculty, and alumni of the Department of Educational Administration, College of Education at Michigan State.


A national leader in the field of student affairs, Dr. Raines was also a critical figure in creating a strong academic and professional foundation for MSU's nationally recognized programs in student affairs, adult education, and higher education. The Raines Colloquium hosts distinguished scholars and practitioners within student affairs, adult education, and higher education for a series of lectures and discussions with students, faculty, staff, and alumni.


Fall 2016 Raines Colloquium    

Why Bother with Theory? A Critique on Promises and Challenges of Student Development Theory in Student Affairs Practice


Patton Davis

Date: October 6, 2016 

Time: 1:30 p.m.

Location: 252 Erickson Hall


Lori Patton Davis


Indiana University School of Education

In 1978, Knefelkamp, Widick, and Parker edited a New Directions for Student Services monograph entitled, Applying New Developmental Findings. The editors attempted to engage in sense-making of the diverse array of existing theories. Their efforts were vital given the rapid growth of student development theories and the strongly held “theory to practice” philosophy held among student affairs professionals. In the monograph, the authors briefly ponder the question: Why bother with theory? In this presentation, Patton Davis responds to their question regarding the need to “bother” with student development theory in student affairs practice. She highlights recent updates and trends in student development scholarship, particularly the need for more critical approaches to theory, that not only disrupt inequities embedded in student affairs graduate preparation, but also subsequent practices as they relate to research, teaching and practice.

Dr. Lori Patton Davis is a Professor in the Higher Education and Student Affairs Program at the Indiana University School of Education. Her scholarship broadly examines race and racism in college environments through a critical race lens, African Americans in higher education, and college access and success for racially minoritized populations. Dr. Patton Davis is perhaps the most well-known researcher and scholar in the area of campus cultural centers and is editor of the book, Campus Culture Centers in Higher Education, which highlights various types of racial/ethnic specific culture centers in higher education, their continued relevance, and implications for their existence in relation to student retention and success. She often serves as an external reviewer and consultant for various institutions across the country.

Light refreshments provided.

Past Raines Colloquium Speakers

Spring 2016 Colloquium
"Preparing the Next Generation of Leaders: From Awareness-Action"

Rev. Dr. Jamie Washington

President, Washington Consulting Group

Co-Founder, Social Justice Training Institute (SJTI)

Rev. Dr. Jamie Washington    

Fall 2015 Colloquium

An Accessible Approach to Understanding Title IX: Translating Research and Law into Practice

Jeffrey C. Sun, J.D., Ph.D.

Professor of Higher Education

Assistant Department Chair
University of Louisville




Jeffrey Sun


Spring 2015 Colloquium
Making Diversity Work on Campus: Who's Job Is It and What Has To Be Done?

Dr. Jeffrey Milem

Ernest W. McFarland Distinguished Professor of Leadership for Educational Policy and Reform

University of Arizona




Jeffrey Milem    

Fall 2014 Colloquium

"Every wall is a door." (Attributed to Ralph Waldo Emerson)
Dr. Cynthia Love
Executive Director

ACPA - College Student Educators International

Cynthia Love    


Spring 2014 Colloquium

Historically Black Colleges and Universities: Past, Present, and Future
Dr. Patricia Green-Powell
Interim Dean and Professor, College of Education

Florida A&M University

Dr. Patricia Green-Powell    

Fall 2013 Colloquium
Evolution and Innovation: Reflections on History, Founding Values, and Student Affairs Models of Practice

Dr. Kathleen Manning
Professor, Higher Education and Student Affairs
University of Vermont

Manning Photo    

Spring 2013 Colloquium

College Male Identity Development and Masculinities

Frank Harris, III, Ed.D

Associate Professor of Postsecondary Education and Co-Director of the Minority Male Community College Collaborative

San Diego State University

Frank Harris Photo    

Fall 2012 Colloquium

Assessment isn't an Activity, It's a State of Mind

Gavin W. Henning, Ph.D (MSU Alum - '93 MA; '91 BS)

Associate Professor of Higher Education

New England College

Gavin W. Henning, Ph.D    

Spring 2012 Colloquium

Kenneth Elmore, J.D.           

Dean of Students

Boston University

Kenneth Elmore, J.D.    

Fall 2011 Colloquium

Reflections on Max Raines, Higher Education, and Our Work

Dr. George Kuh

Chancellor's Professor Emeritus of Higher Education,

Indiana University

Dr. George Kuh    

Spring 2011 Colloquium

Leadership & Mentorship: Impacting Higher Education with Meaningful Intersections

Dr. Connie Tingson-Gatuz

Vice President of Student Affairs

Madonna University


Dr. Connie Tingson-Gatuz    

Spring 2010 Colloquium

Student and Academic Affairs: Can We Play in the Same Playground?

Dr. Tim Pierson

Vice President for Student Affairs

Longwood University

Dr. Tim Pierson    

Fall 2009 Colloquium

Ethnic Identity in College

Dr. Anna Ortiz

Professor of Educational Leadership

California State University - Long Beach

Dr. Anna Ortiz    

Spring 2009 Colloquium

Spiritual Questions and the College Experience: Is There Room for Higher Learning?

Dr. C. Carney Strange

Professor of Higher Education and Student Affairs

Bowling Green State University

Dr. C. Carney Strange    

Fall 2008 Colloquium

To bigotry no sanction, to persecution no assistance?:

Renewing a Role for the University in Religion

Rev. Janet Cooper Nelson


Brown University

Rev. Janet Cooper Nelson    

Spring 2008 Colloquium

The Community College Baccalaureate: Mission Creep? Mission Kept?

Dr. Beverly Bower

Associate Professor in Higher Education

Florida State University


Dr. Beverly Bower    

Fall 2007 Colloquium

Composing a Life Within Student Affairs

Dr. Jill Carnaghi

Assistant Vice Chancellor for Students & Director of Campus Life

Washington University in St. Louis

Dr. Jill Carnaghi    

Spring 2007 Colloquium

Spirituality in Higher Education

Dr. Arthur W. Chickering

Special Assistant to the President

Goddard College


Spring 2006 Colloquium

Riding the Moving Train: A Social Justice Journey

Dr. Nancy Evans

Professor of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

Iowa State University

Dr. Nancy Evans    

Spring 2005 Colloquium

Student Resistance in Service-Learning: Site for Transformative Potential or Annoying Distraction?

Dr. Susan Jones

Associate Professor, Department of Educational Studies

The Ohio State University


Spring 2004 Colloquium

Equity in Access: Using Noncognitive Variables in Higher Education

Dr. William Sedlacek

Professor of Education

University of Maryland, College Park


Spring 2003 Colloquium

Exploring Leadership

Dr. Susan Komives

Senior Scholar and Associate Professor

University of Maryland, College Park


Spring 2002 Colloquium

Student Politics: Alternative Trends in International Perspective

Dr. Phillip Altbach

Monan Professor of Higher Education

Boston College


Spring 2001 Colloquium

Zeroing In on Diversity: What We Can Learn from College Friendship Groups

Dr. Anthony Antonio

Assistant Professor

Stanford University


Fall 1999 Colloquium

Dr. Sylvia Hurtado

Associate Professor of Higher Education

The University of Michigan


Dr. Johnetta Cross Brazzell

Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

University of Arkansas


Spring 1999 Colloquium

Complex Skills for Complex Times: Thinking Complexly about Multicultural Issues

Dr. Patricia M. King

Professor of Higher Education Administration

Bowling Green State University


Spring 1998 Colloquium

Dr. Marcia Baxter Magolda

Professor of Educational Leadership

Miami University


Fall 1996 Colloquium

Transitions of Identity in the Age of Technology

Dr. Sherry Turkle

Professor of the Sociology of Science

Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Spring 1996 Colloquium

Emerging Trends, Successful Innovations, and Moving an Organization to Response

Dr. William H. Maehl

President Emeritus

Fielding Institute


Fall 1993 Colloquium

Looking at Your Own Culture and Your Role In It In Times of Change: Shaping, Modifying, and Reframing Education for the Changing World

Dr. Terry Deal

Professor of Education and Human Development

Peabody College of Vanderbilt University