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Department of Educational Administration


Current Members:

Naveed Ullah, Hoa Pham, Christina Yao, Hyemi Lee, Nicole Campbell


The EAD CommUNITY team recognizes the challenges that new students will face during the transition to a new environment. We embrace the spirit of helping others as an essential component of a vital, sharing and collaborative community. We are collectively engaged in a living and learning process which promotes the growth of all members of the EAD community.


To facilitate unifying activities between the K-12 Administration and Higher Adult Lifelong Education in the Education Administration Department within the College of Education at Michigan State University. An important focus of the group is to create programs that aid international and students of color in transitioning to graduate school at Michigan State University through a four-tier program:

  1. Pre-Arrival Communication and Welcome Orientation
  2. Identifying Critical Resources for New Students
  3. Academic and Cultural Orientation Workshops
  4. Lending library for several common books in doctoral and master courses.

Government Resources

Information on Driver License, State ID, and Vehicle Registration

Michigan State University Campus Resources

Maps and Information on Transportation

Student Associations

Helpful Resources for International Students


Public Bus Transportation

Commuter train