Renewal of the Professional Teaching Certificate

Renewal of the Professional Certificate requires 150 hours of education-related professional learning earned and entered into MOECS since issuance of the most recent certificate or certificate renewal; options include:

  1. Six semester credit hours at a college or university
  2. 150 SCECHS (State Continuing Education Clock Hours)
  3. 150 DPPD (District Provided Professional Development) hours, or
  4. Some combination of those after issuance of most recent certificate

The Standard Certificate is valid for 5 years

  • It must be renewed every 5 years
  • Renewals are unlimited.
  • All certificates expire 5 years from June 30 of the calendar year in which the certificate was issued.
  • Renewals are handled through MOECS.

Education-Related Professional Learning Hour Conversion
• College credit: 1 semester hour = 25 professional learning hours
• SCECH hours: 1 SCECH hour = 1 professional learning hour
• DPPD hours: 1 DPPD hour = 1 professional learning hour

For complete and current certification information, see the Michigan Department of Education website.