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Tuition Rates

Every effort is made to ensure that this page is up-to-date; however, we encourage you to consult Michigan State University’s official Tuition and Fees page (and to contact the Office of the Controller with any specific questions).

The following table outlines the per credit hour rates for the different formats of the program. Please note that some of the formats require additional fees in addition to the per credit hour rate.

Lifelong or Graduate Certificate$841.75 per credit$1,078.75 per credit
Graduate Level (Online or Hybrid)*$933.00 per credit$933.00 per credit
MAET Overseas**$841.75 per credit$841.75 per credit

* Inclusive of all fees. This is a flat-rate tuition for in-state and out-of-state. Student must be officially accepted to the MAET Program to receive this rate.

** Inclusive of all university fees. Additional departmental, activity, and housing fees apply. Please visit the Overseas Summer Cohort page for more information.

Funding Opportunities

To support you, we have curated a list of funding opportunities for you to explore as you consider scholarship, grant, fellowship, and assistantships to fund your MAET experience.

Accessing Your Bill

Upon admission to the university, students are provided a PID (Personal Identification) number and PAN (Personal Access Number), along with instructions about how to activate their MSU NetID email account. The MSU NetID enables students to receive important communications from the University. This includes student billing notices (which are only sent electronically). Once a student’s NetID is activated, their bill can be accessed through the Student Information System.