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Hybrid Doctoral Program

Hybrid students have the opportunity to blend the richness of being a student at Michigan State University with the ongoing opportunities through their current work as educators.

Innovate, Create, Become a Leader

The goal of the doctoral program is to develop the next generation of educational leaders who understand the need to create new technologically sound pedagogies grounded in innovative research and practice.

Students will develop a deep understanding of how theories of learning and development can inform the design of future learning environments. Graduates of this program are prepared to assume leadership roles in K-12 school systems, virtual schools, community colleges, and higher education institutions that require rigorous preparation in research and evaluation of learning with technology.

The Five-Year Plan

The hybrid EPET Ph.D. is a rigorous, five-year program of study completed substantially online. Please contact epetphd@msu.edu for more information.

Students who are able to take leave from their jobs are given the option to come to campus for one semester to attend face-to-face classes. It is possible that graduate assistantships / fellowships will be available during that semester to help defray the cost of tuition and provide a modest stipend.

Sample Course Syllabi

You can view sample course syllabi. The actual syllabi will vary each time the course is offered.