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Assistantships Overview

General Information

Graduate assistantships are available for both new and continuing students, including international students. Assistantships assignments can be: 

  • Teaching college courses 
  • Assisting faculty with research projects 
  • Providing other services to the college or university 

For most students in the doctoral program, international and domestic, the primary source of on-campus support is graduate assistantships available for fall and spring semesters. Graduate assistantships usually vary from one-quarter time (approximately 10 hrs./week) to one-half time (approximately 20 hrs./week) over the course of the 18-week pay period. Stipends depend on the percentage of time and level of assistantship. Continuation of assistantships depends on a student’s record of fulfilling his/her assistantship obligations (indicated by faculty review) as well as on the student’s satisfactory academic progress. 

In addition to the stipend, all graduate assistants receive a waiver of nine (9) credits of tuition per semester in which the student holds an assistantship, a waiver of the out-of-state portion of tuition for any additional credits taken during the year, and enrollment in the university’s graduate student medical plan. 

All applicants to the on-campus mode of the EPET program will automatically be considered for an assistantship as part of the application review process, and assistantship offers are made at the time of admission to the program. Applicants to the hybrid mode of the EPET program are not considered for assistantship during application review. For more information on Graduate Assistantships please see the Graduate School website. 

Teaching Assistant Program

For more information on training, orientation, and dates please visit the MSU teaching assistant program website. International teaching assistants must satisfy a specific English proficiency requirement, the details of which can be also reviewed online on this page.