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AERA Fellows

The American Educational Research Association (AERA) annually recognizes individuals for their scientific and scholarly contributions. These Fellows are recognized for their body of work, including mentoring of junior scholars and other forms of leadership. Nominees for the award will typically only be considered after at least 12 years of postdoctoral contribution.

These individuals—both faculty and alumni of MSU—represent a portion of the wide range of scholars bestowed with the title.
  • Angela M. Calabrese Barton 2017
  • Ann E. Austin 2010
  • Mary M. Kennedy (Emeritus) 2010
  • Joe L. Byers (Emeritus) 2008
  • Joseph S. Krajcik 2008
  • William H. Schmidt 2008
  • Barbara L. Schneider 2008


  • Deborah Loewenberg Ball
  • Okhee Lee